Weekend blues

This weekend was a sad weekend on my part. Friday night I babysat until 1 am then went straight to bed because I had to nanny at 8. I did manage to make chocolate chip cookies and fudge before. Then Saturday I got home and made Spinach Artichoke Dip with the goat cheese and it was amazing. I was very impressed by it and am excited to take some to work tomorrow. I ate it with sweet potato chips and it was delicious. I had to prep for this weeks meals so I began by going grocery shopping. I find it easiest to plan my meals ahead of time and then write the list of things I need. But I discovered a meal plan app that is pretty cool. You input your recipes and what food you have in your pantry and it will tell you what you need to buy. That came useful when I realized I forgot my written list on the coffee table when I decided to add the spices I ran out of. Saturday I hit up Target (I just like the store and was in the mood for a puzzle since I had all day/night to occupy myself), Sprouts and King Soopers. And went home and worked on my puzzle. I really should have made some meals for this week but I’m a slacker. I also watched episodes of Weeds while having an Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Cider with my sister. Today was a bobble head giveaway at the Rockies game so I took a friend and we got the bobble heads and went shopping on the 16th Street Mall. We did make it to the game for an inning before we decided to leave. She’s 20 weeks pregnant and I was craving my puzzle…now I sit again at someone’s house updating my weekend. I was told I was the best babysitter ever. That made me feel good about myself. Actually, probably made my weekend!

I didn’t mention what I ate yesterday besides the dip. I caved and had jimmy johns again except with the bread. I know, terrible. This morning I had a smoothy for breakfast, an elk burger with sweet potato fries (mmm) for lunch and a turkey dog and carrots for dinner…


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